Paul L. Robson

Paul LLoyd Robson


Paul Lloyd Robson is the leader and co-founder of Maniphesto .

The father of two sons was born and raised in South Africa and has been living in Scandinavia for 17

years. He is educated as a Political Scientist and spent nine years working at Microsoft. He is a trained psychotherapist who believes

that making stuff happen in the world together with other people is the best type of therapy one can do. He has taught scuba diving, rock

climbing, partner acrobatics, dance and bodywork and believes in the power of combining ideas with somatic experience.

His mission is to help men to become a better version of themselves through communities which build courage, integrity, vulnerability and honesty amongst their members.

Maniphesto is a men’s organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With its powerful European Men’s Gathering it has been MALEvolution’s strongest ally on an international level since 2018.